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Subject:  Buying A New Grill Date:  6/8/2005  4:35 PM
Author:  jmagyer Number:  23835 of 84415

Hey All,

First time posting on this board, so don't grill me! Horrible, horrible pun. I'm so sorry.

Moving on...

Last year, I bought a 22.5 inch Charbroil charcoal grill. It was my first grill and I have enjoyed the hell out of it. I must say, though, that it isn't exactly the must rugged material object I've ever purchased. It has been kinda shoddy (screws frequently need tuning up, wheel keeps falling off, and the inside lining of the lid has been peeling). Actually, the lining has been bordering on flaking for some time, but didn't fully become a problem until a large tree branch fell and dented the top of the grill. Needless to say, my grill has faced some hard times recently.

So! I would like to get another charcoal grill to replace my current one. I use it for everything from beer butt chickens to burgers to ribs to huge pork loins. I really liked the size of the 22.5 incher, but would be willing to change up on that if I found the right grill. I'd be willing to spend a few hundred bucks IF I felt like I was getting something super high quality. Really, I'm totally flexible. I just want the best grill possible at a somewhat reasonable price.

Do any of you guys have any suggestions on particilar brands, models, or retail locations? I have visited BBQ Galore and while it is nice they don't carry much of a charcoal selection. Thanks very much!


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