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Subject:  Re: Plame Wasn't Undercover Date:  7/13/2005  7:25 PM
Author:  TMFSpeck Number:  765005 of 2224557

He's too valuable a person outsmarting the Democrats time after time after time again.

Mr. Rove's "smarts" include planting bugs in his own office in an attempt to discredit the opposition, using an opponent's work with children as a springboard for rumors of pedophilia, creating fictional campaign literature attacking his own candidate (once again, in order to make the opposition look bad), starting rumors that Bush-supporter John McCain fathered illegitimate children and betrayed his country as a POW, and costing a valuable public servant her job (at the very least) for political expedience at best and cynical cover-up of a tragic mis-calculation that led us to a war that has cost nearly 2,000 American lives and counting, at worst...

The candidate or office-holder who finds these traits "valuable" is not someone I want making decisions on my behalf.

For all your complaints and indignation about Democrats and liberals "sliming" and "bashing" the President, Republicans and conservatives, I'm surprised that you would characterize such behavior from the right as "smart" and "valuable".

How do you reconcile this seeming double-standard?

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