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Subject:  Experiences with CCCS Date:  7/17/2005  2:42 PM
Author:  hwkncat Number:  208446 of 313065

Anyone with personal experiences with REPUTABLE CCC agencies please tell me a little about the agencies (names, fees) and your satisfaction with them.

I am seriously looking at signing up to try to get my APR reduced to a manageable level so I can start chipping away at them.

Very brief synopsis:

Income: (myself only) since I am the major wage earner.. Approx 70K before taxes, deducations etc.

Mortgage: 1st mgt-approx 130K at 4.5 fixed for 5 years (starting 3rd year this month) then adjustable. 2nd mgt: Heloc at 9%

Total unsecured debt : ~50K. Lowest balance: ~$250. Highest balance: 19K. Average APR on cards: about 27% (citi, ATT, Optima)

I own my car, a 1993 Toyota Previa.

Avail savings: I have 200 dollars automatically put aside every 2 weeks, but I usually have to raid 100 dollars of it each pay period. I have been unable to build up my savings more than 300 dollars for more than a year.

Retirement funds:
Amex Financial: ~13K
Mutual of America: ~ 2K
AIG: ~10K

My husband and I split groceries, about $150 a month. He pays utilities (phone, gas, electric, car insurance) I pay health, dental, vision insurance (directly deducted from paycheck before I receive it).

I have some monthly expenses that I pay out of the checking account :

$155 for orthodontics
$80 for the girls' dance lessons. I will keep them in these since they are the only recreational activity (paid) they are in, and it is a cultural experience for us (Irish dance) We do have associated costs for competitions at periodic times during the year.

I'm not even counting Social Security since that won't be there when I retire, anyway.

I refuse to consider using any of my retirement for debt reduction.

These are all ballpark figures off the top of my head, just figures for you all to conside before you offer advice/opinions.


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