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Subject:  Re: Buffett/Jayhawk Q&A Date:  7/22/2005  11:17 AM
Author:  HookemHorns94 Number:  106672 of 254224

He is saying that having 10 artists highly paid to make a portraits of him so that he could pick the best one is a foolish use of resources. I believe he assumes that no one else would be interested in the pictures besides a vain version of WEB, and thus he would be subsidizing throwaway work. Does it really make sense to have 10 of them made to get the best one? That's 10% efficiency. Sounds like something medieval royalty or communists would do.

If Buffet wanted a portrait (which I think he is implying that he does NOT) he could have 1 guy do it and the other 9 artists could be painting something that someone cared about. Or maybe 5 of them could and the others could do something else and be amateur artists. His point is that he wants capital funds to direct work to where it best benefits society. I don't think it was a shot at art.
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