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Subject:  Say No to Sallie Date:  8/10/2005  3:32 PM
Author:  Lothar61 Number:  3918 of 4855

Since the consolidation craze is over this board has become somewhat quiet, so I figured I'd post a bit about my situation to spruce it up. Sorry about the length of this post, if you aren't interested in the details go to the ::Current:: part :)

I am December '04 grad and began thinking about consolidation around Novemember. I initially chose a company called Education Loan Comapny, because their incentives were 25 basis points more competitive than other companies and they assured me the wouldn't sell my loan. So I applied with them and the initial consolidation request was denyed by US Bank due to a standard single lender rule. Next I called US Bank and at my request they accepted ELC's consolidation application. ELC asked me if I wanted to wait until the end of my grace period to make payments, to which I replied of course.
So I'm thinking everything is great until I have to call back in July because I got a letter from Sallie Mae the new holder of my loans. It appeared ELC decided to hold off on the payoff for my loans with US bank until right before I was to start making payments myself. US Bank in their normal business fashion sold my loans to Sallie Mae a few months after I graduated.
So after a lot of time on the phone with US Bank and ELC, I was assured ELC would be able to get the loans from Sallie Mae and that it would be taken care of by mid July.

Ok so when I call back around mid July I am told that one of my LVC's has expired (no kidding since I applied 6 months ago) and they had to resend it to Sallie Mae... 10 days later, (time Sallie Mae has to send back the LVC) I am told Sallie Mae has requested a copy of my orginal application and it could take until Aug 29th to get that done with. When I mentioned to ELC that I owe a payment to Sallie Mae in a week they suggested I take a deferment.

So, my question to you all...Do you know of legit ways for me to avoid this payment until this works itself out. I would really like to avoid paying Sallie Mae as it just complicates matters more and I really just don't like their company in general. The suggestion that I ask for deferment doesn't really work because I don't not officially qualify for any. When I mentioned that to ELC they said, "sometimes you have to fudge". Worse comes to worse I will make the payment, but I was hoping some of the creative minds in here might have some advice.

At any point this discussion should be better than the Buying/Selling a home board. :)

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