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Subject:  Re: Dinner Manners Date:  8/23/2005  11:29 PM
Author:  regattagirl Number:  10355 of 37845

I have a choice of nixing them right away if they eat like farmers in the field.

Please be careful and kind when posting things like this. I grew up on a farm and it's very hard work under very difficult conditions. Sometimes we had to eat fast in the field because the rain was coming or the night was coming. We would have summer sausage sandwiches, some type of vegetable or fruit from the garden, brownies or apple pie from scratch, and the best homeade lemonade in the world. And my grandfather would want coffee even though it was summer and we didn't have a fancy carafe so my mother would put it in a Ball jar with the cream (from our own cows) already in it so that it was so light that it looked more like what I now love and know as a latte. We'd wrap the jar in a towel so that one of us could hold as we drove "lunch" out to the field.

We always ate together as a family. In the summer that would mean three meals a day every day. We never EVER ate with the TV on. We always sat around a big table (except during field work). We had assigned places to sit having the littlest ones seated closer to adults. No one ate before everyone was ready. Often we had hired help and we would make big meals so that they could sit down with our family to eat mashed potatoes, gravy (which I am a master at because of this), corn or beans or aspargus from the garden, bread and homeade jam from homegrown berries, chicken or pork chops or even steak and then some type of dessert that I'd bake because I was the oldest girl (and yes now I can bake anything) and we never ate off paper.

I take a major instant offense to anyone chewing with their mouth open or talking with food in their mouth and cannot ever get to a second date on either offense. I've dated my share of men (I'm 39 and never married) that are from either farm or city, educated or not and I've found that the worst mannered men come from the city because they were never made to sit down and share a meal properly. Not all of them are like that but even though we weren't fancy, we definitely were neat and polite and a bit proper.

I know I'm being defensive but a hardworking farmer having lunch in the field or grabbing it and having it while working in order to beat the rain shouldn't have to take the hit for bad table manners.

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