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Subject:  My Portfolio help Date:  9/3/2005  12:08 AM
Author:  TSSDirewolf Number:  7562 of 13206

It occurred to me recently that my portfolio has current stocks, with current cost of stocks, and current value. Past gains/losses from selling stocks are not reflected in my gain/loss. So I guessed that the cash position thing would reflect the past transactions. I don't quite understand this cash position so tell me if I did this right.

I basically got my records from my very first $2000 deposit to Ameritrade. I started with a $2000 cash position. Every time I purchased a stock, I would first do a withdrawal from the cash position of the amount paid + commission, then enter the stock purchase. If I sold a stock, I would first enter the sell, then make a deposit to the cash position with the cash received. Only some stocks don't exist anymore, so I just did the withdrawal, then deposits without the stock entries. Is that how you do it?

I ended up with a rather large negative number for the cash position. I'm guessing this number is:

Amount of money invested - Money taken out

Am I correct? If so, under long term, is current value the total gain/loss from the entire time investing?

Thanks in advance!
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