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Subject:  Re: Shell begins near-commercial shale productio Date:  9/16/2005  4:34 PM
Author:  Pituophis Number:  370 of 492

If you were even slightly agnostic, less beligerant, less antagonistic, less defensive, and didnt sound like you attended the Joseph Goebbels school of journalism...

LOL. I know you are but what am I?.... <ggg>... Is that the level at which your "arsenal of knowledge" has prepared you to debate? This is getting silly. "Arsenal of knowledge" - LOL again! More like a cesspool of dogma, I'd say. I see that you have a Ph.D. You're really smart huh? I have mentored a number of Ph.D.'s in my profession - it's incredible how little some of them learn about the real world. I have a feeling that I'm much older than you - I was teaching Ecology at a University up until 20 years when I went into the private sector.Impress me with your so-called "arsenal of knowledge" don't just tell me that you possess it! Believe it or not I am a reasonable person and a scientist and I can be moved by a compelling argument, but you failed to offer ANY - instead you quibble over the meaning of certain words when those were exactly the words I meant to use, you try to sidetrack the argument with statements about how much land was "obliterated" in certain National Parks, and NOW you throw Joe Goebbels into the mix??? LOL. Does this come from your "arsenal of knowledge?" If so, you might consider replenshing your "arsenal" with some real weapons. Do you really think you have even come close to making a legitimate argument to support your case? Honestly? I don't. But I suspect you can do better than that.

Besides the fact that your "argument" is weak to non-existant, we obviously do not share certain values. Period. I think that it is a mistake to even try to extract oil from shale. I have no doubt that it can be done. I have little doubt that it will be done. I think the claim that it is profitable at $30/barrel is ludicrous and supported by nothing in the article nor by anything you offered, nor by anything in the legitimate literature. I offered a financial analysis of the known facts to support my position and you rebutted it with misdirection, quibbling, and ad hominem. IMO, even attempting to produce oil from shale is a huge mistake and most objective analysts agree that it will be an environmental disaster and it will be prohibitively expensive, but with oil at $200/barrel it might be profitable. In the decades that it will take to get significant production from oil shale, might we not be better off expending those resources coming up with some real LONG term solutions to our energy problems. So that makes me an enviro-whacko? I'll take that as a compliment. If you think the phrase "total BS" made toward a Shell PR release justifies personal attacks, so be it, have at it, but I'm not going to participate any more...if you scroll up some, you'll find one of my posts with a link to a list of books that I review on another board - I recommend that you read at least one of them and come back with your arsenal stocked with more than conventional dogma....

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