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Subject:  Re: Best way to invest in a ROTH IRA Date:  9/20/2005  8:52 PM
Author:  MurrayS Number:  47672 of 96953

20 years is a lot more than 5 last I checked. There are no index funds (that I am aware of) that go back 20 years so I cannot compare them. I do know that out of all funds 20yrs or older, the AMCAP is ranked in the top 5 (I think #3 or 4), with the Contrafund being #2 (IIRC).

My point is that I'm willing to bet that your fund won't beat the index over the next 5 years (or whatever term you choose) since the majority of funds don't. Some funds have to beat the average just like someone usually wins the lottery, but that doesn't mean it's a good bet for the next X years.

FWIW, I suggest you click the "Compare To" button on the chart you linked for AMPCX and select "S&P 500". It trails the S&P badly over "All Data" and 1 decade. It does look better over shorter time frames, but even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then :) In fact, all the funds you linked trail the S&P over "All Data".

Bottom line, I'm not here to promote or cut down a particular fund, just pointing out that loaded funds with higher fees put you at a disadvantage with no better odds of beating indexes. I suggest you ask your advisor what funds he recommended 5 or 10 years ago and compare those to the indexes, not what funds he's recommending now.

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