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Subject:  Re: OT: Career crisis Date:  10/15/2005  2:37 PM
Author:  Crosenfield Number:  212564 of 312945

It is pretty clear to you and from your post that you are going to have a job change, and the sooner the better.
You can:1) do locum tenens for awhile, 2) work for a practice that has coding as someone else's job, 3) set up your own practice and hire someone to code for your, or 4) learn to code with a lot less effort.
Certain codes come up over and over. Are you constantly looking through the ICD-9 book looking for codes? Or is the problem the CPT codes? Probably not the latter, because an internist uses only a very few of these. You can, or maybe already have, made yourself a "cheat-sheet" of common ICD-9 codes. 250.00 for diabetes, 599.0 for UTI, 401.9 for hypertension, in my practice these come up daily. After awhile you know them and don't have to look them up anymore. Why is typing codes into a data base more difficult than writing them on paper? Clearly you can type!
Why are others in your practice able to code this way better than you can? What pointers can they give you?
There are coding courses. Usually they are intended for medical records folks,but when this stuff was new I took a one-day version. Very helpful.
It isn't clear what part of inputting codes is causing so much trouble or why.
I'm a little puzzled about why this mechanical aspect of a practice would cause this much trouble.
Best wishes, Chris

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