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Subject:  Re: OT: Career crisis Date:  10/15/2005  6:12 PM
Author:  xraymd Number:  212585 of 313054

Greetings, ARR, thanks so much for the vote of confidence. The problem is not so much with shorthand (since I am already fast in paper documenting). To me, it is the byzantine number of modules I have to distribute data among, each in its persnickety little format, and the overall showstopper is the requirement to have a code for every diagnosis before the program will even let me MOVE FORWARD to the module that captures the visit and closes it out. Heaven forfend if I forget something for then I have to re-open the program and start over again! It amounts to data input paralysis. When I could simply WRITE, on a SINGLE SHEET OF PAPER, the essentials of the visit (without hunting and searching and click click clicking to find what I need the moment I need it), it was do-able in 15 minutes. And let me also remark that the 15 minutes I refer to includes the amount of time the medical assistant has to take the vitals and the chief complaint. Then the way the system works is that if she is occupied entering this data, I can't even use it till she is done because there is a conflict (can't have two open sessions at the same time). So before, when I would see a patient, I would have about 8 minutes left to do everything else I've already described, but I could also be doing something else on that patient (looking up old data in the chart, for instance) while I was waiting for the medical assistant to finish her part. And now I CAN'T since I cannot touch the session till the assistant signs off. Could this be any more idiotic? But even so, since I am the only doc not getting it done, there you have it.

frustrated - but that's pretty obvious!
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