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Subject:  Re: OT: Career crisis Date:  10/15/2005  7:44 PM
Author:  xraymd Number:  212598 of 312945

It isn't bleeding edge. It's alpha quality crap from the 70s.

Greetings, Abfacken, this made me LAUGH OUT LOUD! I've been saying that since this was implemented. It's not even up-to-date enough to move a window for a module that opens which happens to obscure the data behind it without CLOSING it first. I began programming in 1977 and what this system is like to work in is really reminiscent of the limited techniques we had then (or at least into the early 1980s).

It sounds like nobody bothered to get proper requirements, nor have they really got acceptance testing involving actual doctors.

This system was selected 2 years ago on the basis of a single site visit by the CEO and only one of the partner doctors. That's why, in part, the most productive senior doctor decided to bail one year ago since he kept seeing the signs that this was going to be very expensive not just to purchase and implement but also to the potential hit on his productivity as it has been on mine. My hat goes off to the docs who are succeeding on it but some of the coding issues they had before still remain: the docs who were cited for paltry documentation certainly are not rushing to start adding on detail within this EMR interface!

I've done some snooping - do you use the ICD-9 or ICD-10, and is it the CM variant? I figure that I may be able to write a parser and put together some prototype stuff. Also, is this a web-based tool or no?

Great question - nobody in the practice is likely to be able to say, since there is no computer literacy there. We just get the database updates from the vendor. My fiance is quite computer-literate but has been rebuffed when he's made efforts to offer his services for just this reason (even for free because he sees every night what I am going through and has gone from puzzled to actually angry at how this entire application was chosen and is now implemented).

Web-based? *Snort!*


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