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Subject:  Re: OT: Career crisis Date:  10/15/2005  9:04 PM
Author:  Crosenfield Number:  212610 of 312945

In our society, when job conditions become intolerable, an employee has one final right, and you certainly sound like it is time to exercise it.
You've said you can't get another job locally, and perhaps your fiance isn't in a job as geographically mobile as yours. You have a house, and running off to another state isn't as easy for you as it was for me in 1993. But I'd say talk to the locum tenens companies. You can take a job covering a solo practice for a month while the doc takes a vacation. On some of these you stay at the doctor's house. That's easy on the nurses at the hospital, because they know the number well. At the house you may be asked to feed his dog, and of course you will bring in the mail. Staying in a motel isn't as nice--if you are on call all the time, what if you just put your wash in the laundromat washer and the beeper goes off? When he gets back from vacation, you sit down at the kitchen table, go over the patients you've treated, and home you go. You work as few or as many weeks a year as you wish.
My suspicion is that you do a couple of these and your present employer becomes more accomodative--and perhaps by then has a better program, especially if one of the principles has had to try the old one himself. Your reason for leaving is the computer program only--you cannot in the time alotted practice medicine as you wish to practice it, and it is because of the obstacles placed in your way. You'd be happy to consider returning if/when they have resolved this problem.
Your skills are in demand. You don't have to put up with this nonsense. You've had some luck, and it may be a few years before you know whether it was good or bad.
Best wishes, Chris
who is most grateful she left FHP in 1993!

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