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Subject:  Re: OT: Career crisis Date:  10/16/2005  10:22 AM
Author:  royinstl Number:  212627 of 312945

Thoughts from a simple mind, xraymd, Have you ever tried to bury a ping pong ball in the sand? Its very difficult to keep the ping pong ball down. Its easy enough to cover it but if something comes along to shake the sand it makes its way to the surface. The one way that I can think of to hold that little ball down is dig a large whole put the ping pong ball in the middle and place a huge rock on it , call the rock EMR if you like, and put it on. That should do it. That should be the end of ever seeing that little ball shinning in the sun again. But, there is a flaw in my solution. Life is constantly changing there is still sand in and around the poor little ping pong ball. Even if one grain of sand a day gets out from under the rock to ball will have its freedom.
If this little ball accepts that this pressure and frustration is its fate and does not follow the flow of the sand then yes it will just sit there frustrated and depressed.

It was a good little ball it had gone so far in life put it self through med school it would not be denied. Why because it followed the sand and shined in the sun light. It had its troubles, rocks came along but you made it through. Xraymd, it is very evident that you are a very caring person (ah ball) and for may of us you are our sand that help us get out from under our rocks called DEBT. I have no doubt that you are a wonderful physician. I just wonder though if maybe in these case you're accepting the rock. Letting it crush you, you would probably know much better than I that eventually frustration will eventually lead to bitterness and anger to everything even our beloved sand.

Your are a bright shine Ping pong to all of us. We only get to see a small portion of your caring through your posts hear in helping us. I would encourage you to follow your heart again and not to accept the rock that is holding you down.

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