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Subject:  Re: OT: Career crisis Date:  10/16/2005  8:40 PM
Author:  swanriverdaisy Number:  212673 of 312945

Hi I am a lurker on this board so am familiar with many of you while my name is new to most of you. This board has been very helpful in making me keep my priorities and finances straight. And help me to live below my means.

For xraymd - I was in a similar circumstance just over 2 years ago. Not an EMR system (I'm a nurse by the way in the workers comp system) but I was in a job where I was being asked to do things that were unreasonable and impossible. The details don't matter. I was under very high stress and keeping very long hours to try to do a good job. I was exhausted and miserable, and I cried at the drop of a hat.

And I left. I left before I had another job. Not something I'd normally do- and have never done before. It was the very best use of my e-fund. Must say it's likely due to this board that I had an e-fund. I had no energy to look for a job while I was there. I was starting to fall apart and simply had to leave

This may sound silly but a few days before I left I had a dream. I dreamt I was driving my car on a glass highway miles above the city. There were no siderails on the highway and I was slowed to an almost-stop afraid I'd drive off the road into space. I was just creeping carefully along so I'd stay on the road. Meanwhile there was someone in a car behind me urging me to go faster. It was pretty clear to me what it meant when I woke up.

Could be you're on the same highway.

I'd leave. Immediately. At the very least I'd tell them that you plan to leave unless things change and change quickly. I'd give them days only to make the change. The way they are having you use the EMR sounds completely unreasonable. And the fact that you are unwilling to sacrifice your standards makes it an impossibile situation for you. And it sounds like to do the system you have to ignore patients and cut corners in what you input. That appears to be okay with those that run the practice you are in. But finding a way to make this system work for you and would still allow you to practice good medicine does not appear to be a priortiy or even on the list. Who wants to be part of that kind of practice? You are an excellent physician and a wonderful ethical human being. I've read many, many of your posts and those things shine through. You will find another place where you can practice good medicine, a place where you will thrive. And then you'll wonder how you ever lasted as long as you did at your current job.

My best-- Susan
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