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Subject:  Re: OT: Career crisis Date:  10/16/2005  9:06 PM
Author:  xraymd Number:  212674 of 312945

Greetings, Susan, thank you for sharing your experienceand for offering your support. So much of it strikes a chord with me and I am really glad you are out of your own pressure-cooker circumstance.

I have a bit of breathing space as of today, having spoken with the office manager. We're going to try some short-term strategies to offload me. I've already decided to request a cutoff. If I am not done signing off labs/studies AND documenting on the system by 7pm, I want to switch to paper and have someone else put in the rest of what is left over. I have not proposed this yet but I have no doubt that I could handwrite even 8-10 visits in a half hour and still be out by 7:30pm. To me, that seems fair and would give me some instant relief. This will be raised tomorrow. I have also acknowledged that the long-term outcome is still uncertain, since the practice may not wish to invest in what it takes to cover me. But I can't fret long-term now. All I can do is work within the current constraints while making an effort to set limits that will prevent me from being totally drained.

Interesting about your dream. Last night I dreamt that my fiance and I were in a boat or on a dock connected to a large body of water. We were watching an American Airlines 747 approaching as though it were supposed to make a water landing but horrifyingly, instead, we watched it start to sink below the surface on touchdown. We were close enough to see the pilots and all the passengers and could feel the abject terror within the plane while simultaneously feeling paralyzingly helpless to stop it from happening or fix it once it did. I am not enough of a dream analyst to suggest why it was a particular airline - nor even this particular scenario - and on relating this to my fiance he went straight online to be sure there were no such events overnight (no there were not, thank heavens, but in another round of posts, ask me sometime about the dread dreams both my fiance and I had independently 2 days before 9/11). But all the emotions of fear, terror, helplessness and drowning are all pretty self-explanatory, n'est-ce pas?

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