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Subject:  Re: OT: Career crisis Date:  10/19/2005  12:06 AM
Author:  agg97 Number:  212812 of 312945

So sorry to hear about the unreasonable expectations at work, xraymd!!! I'm a big believer of "voting with my feet", so I'd take Chris's advice and start filling out the necessary forms / resumes for a potential move.

Working in that sort of environment, where you happen to have a single geek who can actually make it work is just bad luck. It sounds like if he wasn't there, they'd take the rest of y'all's (hey, look at that, there's two apostrophe's in y'all's!!! Never knew that! Anyway, back to the sentence...) input seriously.

The facts, as I see it:

1. You're being asked to use a computer system that was not designed for your actual use.
2. There happens to be a single geeky physician, a fluke, who can make it work.
3. Others are compromising their work, opening some liability to the entire practice. (!!!!!!!!!)
4. You are unwilling to compromise your work until being told directly by Management to do just that (don't hold your breath).

Your options, as I see it:

1. Continue pounding on Management until they see this system is a bad thing. They're spending a dollar of your time to save a penny for a sheet of paper. Penny-wise, pound-foolish and all that. I'd go to the EMR software's website and print out anything that confirms what the actual programmer told you. I'd even go as far as asking the actual programmer for a letter or e-mail verifying what he told you in the conversation.

I'd really hammer them with the liability issue. These Managers seem to think only inside their books rather than in the real world.

This will keep your days stressful, potentially with no

2. Compromise your work. I wouldn't, but I'm single and unattached, and could move fairly easily. Your situation is considerably different.
At my work, we document everything. Our culture is that everything is documented sufficiently so that if I were to die tonight, someone could pick it up and continue the work without retracing steps. And I'm only in air conditioning!!! If I screw up, someone is a little uncomfortable. If you screw up, it could be life or death. (!!!!!!!)

3. Quit. This is the option I would pick. But again, we're in different circumstances.

Don't really know what to say beyond that. Just realize that not all managers are this incompetent. There is a better place out there that will actually realize that not all people are created equally geeky.

Oh, and (((((((((((((((((((((xraymd))))))))))))))))))))))))))))).

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