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Subject:  Re: I'm an idiot Date:  10/22/2005  12:22 PM
Author:  bleplatt Number:  213028 of 313065

My movtivation is printing off my balanced owed / payment made page from the Sallie Mae website, highlighting the new figure and tacking it to my bulletin board. Then I have a flip book of how much I've paid off.

I also stare at my snowball spread sheet a lot.

The snowball is simply sacred. In the past 2 years, I have spent into the snowball once--and even then I made it up. I don't really consider it a SNOWBALL as much as a payment that must be made.

When I get extra monies, from consulting jobs or what not, I divvy them up and spend a little money on myself. I just got a check for 300 bucks; 200 went to the snowball, 50 went to the Big Screen TV fund <yippy!>, 25 into the general pot and 25 went for a sushi dinner.

This method helps me treat myself and pay off the snowball.

A book that really helped me (and it's not mentioned here a lot) is Carol Keene's *How to get what you want with the money you have*. Her book focuses mostly on Living within your means and learning how to save. She tells people to pay only the minimum amount due (sacreligious, i know), but only because she's trying to get people focused on living within their means. This for me was the first step. Next step came trimming the budget to build a snowball and then continuing that.

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