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Subject:  Re: Abuse of KETRA?? Date:  11/6/2005  2:42 PM
Author:  saintjadee Number:  524 of 537

Since your obviously taking an anarchistic/libertarian stance the question is rhetorical. However as an Objectivist I may disagree with the current system and still understand it is the current system so therefore not theft. I wouldn't pay any more taxes than I am legally obligated to pay and certainly will take all available deductions, credits, etc. but bottom line is I will pay my taxes. I did state however I am having a problem with whether ARI's encouraging people to give to ARI and not to some organization adding value to the recovery from Katrina isn't abusing this one time offer and being hypocritical or at least at odds with it's Objectivist stance.

It's not a question of legality but one of morality. Given ARI's stance must also disagree with the current tax system is it really philosophically correct for them to seek gain from a rule they must from an Objectivist viewpoint disagree with. Is it what's good for the goose is also ok for the organization that claims ownership of Objectivism lock, stock and barrel???
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