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Personal Finances / Paying Back Student Loans


Subject:  Step One... Date:  11/18/2005  1:02 AM
Author:  zeppocat Number:  3994 of 4854

I took Step 1 of my new "get tough on debt" plan today. Called Citibank first. I didn't know I could transfer directly to Sallie Mae, so I had them send me a personal check. I'll deposit in my checking account and then send Sallie an electronic payment. I maxed this card out.

Then I called AT&T Universal and found out I could transfer directly, so I maxed that card out. I also reduced my auto-pay to the minimum balance (Citibank is already at that; they don't allow over-minimum autopays).


Scary! It's funny how, even knowing I just did a rational thing can make me anxious!

Next steps:

2. Complete the Citibank funds transfer.
3. Set up Quicken to remind me to make my new online payment
4. Tweak the estimate on the graph of my plan
5. Sit back, turn my attention to my first and second jobs for the next 18-24 months and watch the line on the graph fall every month when I make the new payment.

I can't believe it's gonna be over so MUCH sooner than I thought!


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