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Subject:  Re: Calculation of Avg Credit Card debt Date:  11/23/2005  4:07 AM
Author:  JustSilly Number:  214812 of 313080

It is an interesting topic because we all hear how average household credit card debt has risen over the years. My contention is this problem is blown completely out of proportion, because many people today actually put all of their expenses on their cards (either for airline miles or cash back) and like me actually pay it back every month.

Does anyone out there know the percentages of people who actually fully pay off their credit cards each month?

I do agree with you - the average credit card debt number is misleading for a lot reasons. However, I'm not so sure many people with credit cards is inclined to pay it off each month.

My curosity comes from the fact that other than the folks on the Fool, I'm the only person I know who consistantly pays off their credit card each month. My Dad comes a close second, but he'll occasionally not pay a credit card in full even though he has money in the bank because it's "too painful." (Meaning he's just put some planned big bills on it and doesn't want drain his savings.)

In the article you sited, I belive most people had a balance of less than $2000. I'd also be curious to find out what the relative income level of those folks are. When your annual income is low, that $2000 can be a pretty big burden.

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