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Subject:  3 Moles Date:  11/28/2005  9:58 AM
Author:  jjbklb Number:  77298 of 193001

There were these three moles - Daddy Mole, Mummy Mole and Baby Mole, all living in a mole hole. This mole hole was near a sugar factory. One morning they woke up, and could smell something unusual in the air. They sniffed for a bit, but couldn't quite make out what it was. They decided to go to the edge of the mole hole, for a better sniff. Daddy Mole and Mummy Mole led the way. The edge of the mole hole wasn't very big, so when the moles got to the edge of the mole hole, only Daddy Mole and Mummy Mole stuck their heads out of the mole hole, with Baby Mole stuck behind them. "Sniff sniff sniff," said Daddy Mole, "I can smell treacle". Baby Mole was trying to get past to smell what Daddy Mole could smell, but he couldn't. "Sniff sniff sniff," said Mummy Mole, "I can smell syrup". By this time Baby Mole was going mad, trying to get past Daddy Mole and Mummy Mole's bums to see what the smells were. But he couldn't squeeze past, and finally gave up. "Humph," he snuffled, "all I can smell is moleasses".
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