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Subject:  Re: Retirement Plan - Which Way To Go? Date:  12/1/2005  1:18 PM
Author:  DrTarr Number:  48550 of 96095


Well the good news is that you can get plenty of opinions on these boards, of course this is also the badnews....

The vast majority of investors do not understand the risks they are taking with their investments due to inappropriate asset allocation.
This post is one that I FIRMLY beleive! Plenty of folks have allocation models that they think fit their needs. But, if one just pulls a portfolio of out thin air, such as iamdb, (sorry db, not saying it came from air - just might not fit this situation) while it fits their needs does not fit yours. RISK - REWARD trade off can be way off from a total situation. For example, depending on DH retirement, the above allocation could put you into ~60-70% bond or bond like instruments. Thus you are probably shorting yourself some return.

I would not go to a planner just to figure out an investment strategy.
DeltaOne is right, you could learn all of this on these boards. But to get where you can make "good" choices concerning all aspects of retirement may take a while - in terms of years for some of the items.
Unless your are ready to tackle things like the survivor benefit-compared to a term policy, and how the retirement fits in (as bonds and how much), the tax issues, estate planning, long term care and claculating SWR.

This investment stuff is also about having fun. YOUR FUN, you seem to like learning about the stuff and making your stock choices. You had a portfolio of 20 stocks you picked yourself. Let your planner come up with the asset allocation model and then you can certainly pick out stocks and funds you like - infact the 20 you have would probably fit nicely, and wouldn't that be nice to know you have done pretty good so far!

Bottom Line -
If you are going to the planner to figure out what to invest in and how to get from 80 stocks to 20, NO!

If you are looking at the entire retirement picture, I would recommend you use the planner. You can still pick the stocks.

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