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Subject:  Re: Retirement Plan - Which Way To Go? Date:  12/2/2005  12:45 PM
Author:  DeltaOne81 Number:  48575 of 96176

I think this load fund thing is a red herring, it's not the main point, and it's really not an issue.

If the plan is free but recommends load funds, who says you have to follow it? Pick similar fund without loads. Who even knows if they would do any load funds. And if the expense ratios are too high for your liking, pick similar cheaper ones.

I'm not talking about learning a ton about finances, I'm talking about having enough knowledge to avoid load funds, and maybe search for lower priced alternatives. Which I think our OP already had, or if not, probably does by now ;).

So comparing the planner to that is comparing it to an non-existant scenario. It's like a 'fake sale' at a store where they mark prices up 100% and then give you a 50% off sale! The savings are imaginary, as are your $19K of savings from your exmaple.

Given that our OP has the knowledge to pick reasonably priced alternatives to any expensive fund suggestions, there's no way you can say the $4K fee is cheaper. You get more for it, but you pay more. So the question comes down to personal preference. Do you pay more and do more for you, or do you pay less and learn to do more yourself. As well as a wide variety of intermediate options, such as making the plan yourself and just receiving input from a fee advisor for much much less than $4K.

It's a decision only the OP can make, but let's not confuse the matter with irrelevant math.
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