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Subject:  Re: Retirement Plan - Which Way To Go? Date:  12/2/2005  9:03 PM
Author:  rrosenkoetter Number:  48585 of 96115

>> It doesn't seem that the fee-based advisor will make specific recommendations unless I enroll in the investment management service, where they would construct and manage a portfolio for me. When I asked about hourly consultation to help us with the life insurance and TSP questions, she said that these needed to be addressed within the totality of our financial situation (i.e., the financial plan). <<

Yep, you need to find another fee-based advisor. $4000 is too much for what you need...

$1000-$2000 is probably more reasonable for them to just go over the stocks you inherited, and come up with a good asset allocation plan for you to invest in.

As for survivor annuity vs. life insurance, that's just plan math... They should be able to do that calculation for you and explain it to you very quickly. (It's usually better to do the life insurance)

The hard part is getting the numbers... You probably already know the two numbers for the annuity (How much you get just for you, and how much get for both of you with survivor).

For example, say the two choices are $1000 a month for just you, and $700 a month for both of you with survivorship... Next figure out how much life insurance you would need to generate $700 a month... that's $8400 a year... we usually go with a 4% withdrawal rate as a rule of thunb, so you'd need $210,000 in life insurance... If you can get that much life insurance for less than $300 a month, then life insurance is the way to go...

(That's just an example... but it shows how fairly easy the calculation is... The advisor can help you find the cheapest life insurance)

While we're answering post questions (like what OP stands for), how does one make text bold or italic?

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