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Subject:  Re: Poll: End Tax Deduction for Health insurance Date:  12/18/2005  6:18 PM
Author:  FlyingCircus Number:  275667 of 878807

But how far could this go? Take that deduction away and the "uninsured" you want to help see their numbers swell to the point where $130B is a drop in the bucket.

Exactly. Mr. average joe middle class here. My health insurance, for example this year, costs in total over $10K for a deductible / 85% paid by employer system. I pay about $1500/year. At a 25% tax bracket that's a tax payment increase of $375.

So if the proposal is to lose the deduction and put up an additional $375 / year to the feds for uninsured, at what point do I say the hell with it, I'll go uninsured and let the feds cover me for nothing? Pay $2000 a year going up 10% per year for coverage, or pay nothing per year for coverage that's almost as good?
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