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Subject:  A new Fool, with questions. Date:  12/24/2005  2:25 AM
Author:  JimG104 Number:  1623 of 2244


I am new to investing been at it about 3 weeks now with real money. I have been a Fool for two of them. This is my portfolio. I would like to get your ideas on it. In addition, where I should go from here to help diversify it. There are a few laggards in there but I figured I would give them some time to see what happens. Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated. I am signed up for the Fool Stock advisor, Rule Breakers, and Hidden Gems as far as news letters go. 

I have read up on bonds and havn't/probably won't buy them myself as I get a headache just trying to make sence of them all. When it comes time to move to bonds I will probably use bond funds. I have 20 years till retirement, own 2 homes free and clear, and have enough cash that I could survive a year with out working if I had to. I also just quit smoking and plan to put the 150.00 saved each month into the market.

Have a great holiday and thanks for any suggestions you may have.

Here is what my portfolio looks like right now.
AASG	Stock	1,000	$0.89 	$12.99 
ASTM	Stock	100	$2.26 	$12.99 
BKGD	Stock	100	$4.40 	$12.99 
ELN	Stock	50	$13.04 	$12.99 
IRBT	Stock	50	$32.30 	$12.99 
LGBT	Stock	100	$8.67 	$12.99 
MRH	Stock	40	$17.99 	$12.99 
OSTK	Stock	50	$35.08 	$12.99 
SFCC	Stock	50	$15.35 	$12.99 
TASR	Stock	100	$7.18 	$12.99 
USU	Stock	50	$11.60 	$12.99 
XJT	Stock	50	$10.50 	$12.99 
TGLDX	MFund	26.001	$38.46 	$0.00  1000.00 initial investment

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