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Subject:  Just call me crazy for a good discount Date:  1/2/2006  3:30 PM
Author:  iksnamyzs Number:  211 of 226

I just bought a GM chevrolet cobalt 2006. Because of all the bad news coming out on gm, the dealer I dealt with gave me what I consider a good deal on the car. Sticker price was $15,700.00 and because of the s red tag sale now going on to 1/3/06 and the fact that I was a previos gm owner I got an additional $1000.00 off list for a total in discounts amounting to (drum roll please) $2,900.00 for a price of $12,800.00. I had to let you know that this was the best discount I ever got on a car. Usually, after going into a dealer and his says that the car List for$15,700.00 you usually are lucky the price isn't over $17,000.00. So I have to write this note to let you know that I was surprised by the discount I received and it was the reason for the purchase. (Just call me crazy for a good discount.) I now have the car for 3 days and can tell you its pretty good. A lot of new freatures are included but the one I like the best is the I button. It stands for information. The car now tells you the miles you have to go before you need gas fill, what the temperature outside is,as well as the temperature of your radiator (to let you know if your going to over heat). Its neat, to bad it doesn't provide for a chauffeur. (maybe in the future)
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