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Subject:  Re: SeattlePionutcase Date:  1/6/2006  10:31 AM
Author:  pixiecakes Number:  368 of 40282

I dedicate this to SP:

(The Boston Metro sent a four year-old girl to review the Disney on Ice "Princess Classics.")

Metro: What was your favorite part?

Liora: When Cinderella and the Prince get married. Because I like weddings.

Metro: What part didn't you like?

Liora: Sebastian (the crab) had feet. And when Sebastian said (to Ariel), "You shouldn't go over there," because Ursula was over there. But really she can go over there, because she wanted to. Also, when the people made the beast get sick, even though he was good, because they made him sick.

Metro: Would you recommend the show to your friends at school?

Liora: No. The boys never want to see princesses, and I don't think they would have a good time.

Metro: Who's your favorite princess?

Liora: Cinderella, because she gets married.

Metro: Don't you think a show about princesses sort of sets back the feminist movement? I mean, why celebrate a disenfranchised people, worshiped for their beauty but always in the shadows of power-hungry male peers?

Liora: What does that mean?

Metro: Why do YOU like princesses?

Liora: Because they get married.

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