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Subject:  Re: My review of Darwin's Black Box Date:  1/12/2006  6:01 PM
Author:  NutFlush Number:  7420 of 27167

{{Nothing requires Evolution to only work from simpler systems to more complex systems.}}

Are you aware of such a progression? I have not studied where an organism de-evolved into a simpler organism.

Just so we understand each other, the organisms don't 'de-evolve'. They are evolving, by simplifying some of their systems. A simplier system may be better suited for an organisms need. For example, legs on dolphins and whales simplifed into fins. Also consider at wings on ostriches and penguins.

The penguin wing is very useful for swimming. It may have evolved from a more complex wing that allowed for flight. I'm not a biologist, so don't ask me for a proof. Behe is the one using IC to eliminate the possibility of evolution in a system. IMHO, he's only considered the case for evolution from a simpler system, not evolution from a more complex system. For IC to hold water, he needs to address the pathway from more complex systems.

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