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Subject:  Re: The Box is Wide Open Date:  1/20/2006  6:34 PM
Author:  bdhinton Number:  7566 of 27171

I've asked this before, do you believe Katrina had a supernatural cause? I'm guessing you don't because you aren't compelled by your religious beliefs to do so.

There are levels of causation. I don't think God created Katrina to punish New Orleans. But Katrina was the result of the kind of world God created. I don't see God as some celestial Hyper-Nintendo player sending scourges this way and that racking up destruction points.

I think you put too much into the religous belief angle to try to figure me out, or anyone who sees the case for ID. It could be that my worldview gives ME the clearest, most rational perspective on the evidence. You have your reasons (safety in numbers?) for believing what you do.

Yet when Behe proposes a supernatural cause for evolution you uncritically accept the argument and place the burden of proof on the naturalistic proposals.

Not true . . . I critically evaluate both cases, and I see more merit in the ID explanation of things (which includes, BTW, RM/NS as part of the solution). It is true that I have no predisposition against a supernatural hand in pot.

And I definitely have a problem when those who believe as you do try to politically impose what I think is an intellectually dishonest characterization of ID theory as science into my kids' textbooks.

And I, likewise, have a problem with people teaching my child anything but the truth.

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