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Subject:  EVERYONE! Date:  1/27/2006  12:59 AM
Author:  SockPuppetMan Number:  54762 of 65695

Breezy2u has privatley contacted me recently. She sounded very distraught over the transgressions of the past few days. Some of the words that were thrown at her are, perhaps, a bit overly harsh.

I will not try to be a mother figure, since I am a male ;-); I will just ask everyone to be more accepting of Breezy's mistake. She has gone through a lot, and we all make mistakes sometimes, sometimes these mistakes are brought to emotions that are verbalized to others who are listening. In her distraught mode of thought, she decided to express her emotions. Perhaps her emotions were not worded in the way that they were actually meant.

She has met a person that she had a wonderful date with and she was having those "post wonderful date jitters" that I'm sure everyoone has had. She decided to express those jitters publicly (Fred Astaire was similar about his emotions when he danced arounde singing "Singing in the Rain" did he not?). She gets flamed for her public display of pleasure? Yes, she over reacted, but perhaps the people who also reacted to her overdid it a bit, as well.

All I am asking, from one Fool to another Fool, please show some sympathy. I can assure you, she is not the evil, stupid person that some of you seem to think.

I leave the rest in your hands.

-_- Alex -_-
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