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Subject:  Re: EVERYONE! Date:  1/27/2006  1:09 PM
Author:  SheofNoName Number:  54825 of 65695

No, I hate drama. I just tend to be a loner in real life. It's easier to repell others then to be rejected by them. I know my issues and I am working on them.

The hard part with getting to know someone from a message board is that you tend to only get to know them when they have to vent about something. You don't see my when I am running my business, hanging with my friends and generally having a very nice life.

Of course I know that my saying this is only going to draw more comments and frankly it has all been so completely draining that I can't think about it anymore.

And I am not a failure by any stretch of the imagination. I am educated (BS degree after having been a high school drop out), run my own successful business, own a home, a car, have wonderful friends, family, dog and now a new boyfriend.

And now I know that if I talk about my problems here they will be magnified to a million times the original size and made to be the entire characteristic of who I am.
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