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Subject:  Re: EVERYONE! Date:  1/28/2006  11:41 PM
Author:  PineLevel Number:  54886 of 65695

Don't assume you know me when you don't.

I'll admit I don't know you at all. But, I do know how easy it is to like someone, spend a night or two with them, and think that it's all in good fun, with no feelings attached - only to discover that there are feelings attached, and to end up feeling kind of sad about the whole thing.

The old timey rules about "good girls" and "bad girls" were bullsh*t, and I'm glad they're gone. But, the freedom to have sex with whoever you want, with no commitment or promises, has its own drawbacks. There's nothing wrong with holding out for someone who you know really well, have a committed loving relationship with, and might want to marry - lots of girls do that. There's also nothing wrong with being casual about it all - but, then you have to be ready to tough it out when it feels lonely and sad later. I think the negative comments you got were a reaction to the reality of this choice, like "What did you expect from a one-night stand?"

Also, speaking for myself, it's painful to see these private feelings aired in public. A lot of the advice might be motivated by "tough love" along the lines of "Pull yourself together, woman."

So, yeah, I don't know you or what your RL personality is like. My bottom line on the whole thing is (1) I'm sympathetic to the hazards of modern sex, having been there & done that, (2) but, that's just the way it is - ya gotta be tough if you're going to go the casual route. I mean this all kindly, and trust you to take it that way.
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