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Subject:  Re: EVERYONE! Date:  1/29/2006  9:34 AM
Author:  FoolYap Number:  54900 of 65695

I didn't know waffle well enough to know that it was a one night stand.


I have played this sentence several times in my head.

As it washes back and forth, back and forth, the cognitive dissonance inherent in this sentence sets up groovy little harmonies with my own mind-boggles, until it forces my lips apart. Mea culpa, I cannot keep my big mouth shut.

I have nothing against one night stands. It's not a moral issue for me. I don't respect you less or more for doing it, any more than I would respect you less or more for preferring grape to strawberry. So far as I'm concerned, two consenting adults should keep it between themselves.

But you haven't, which is why I feel permissioned to ask: How can you sleep with someone you don't know well enough to know whether it's a one night stand, and then be surprised it was only a one night stand? Am I that old?? Are things that different for others, especially younger others?

Before lizmonster and I advanced to the boffing eachothers' brains out as often as possible stage of our relationship, we'd already talked about sex, disease (and the avoiding of it), financial philosophies, past relationships, whether we wanted to be married (not to each other, but in general), whether we wanted children, etc etc. If we'dve just wanted sex one or several times, we'dve gone ahead and known fully what we were in it for. As it was, by the time it came to the horizontal bop, there was really only one question not yet answered, and we had a lot of fun answering it.

You should try it next time, and I mean that in as nice and sincere a way possible. Talk about some of these things beforehand, so that you're not disappointed by them afterwards.


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