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Subject:  windshield wipers Date:  1/30/2006  8:37 AM
Author:  pussinboots1 Number:  46614 of 73836

Hope this isn't a repeat of an oft-asked question. I've been lurking for ~2 months and did a search on the subject, though I have to say I'm a bit skeptical of the new search engine's ability to find relevant posts... :)

My wife and I have a '97 Nissan Altima. We're relatively clueless about cars. I know enough to check the fluids, but for a "jump" I'd have to break out the owner's manual and don't even ask me about changing the oil myself! Yesterday, we went with our friends to check out the new Ikea in Stoughton, MA. On the way back, it was raining & I had the wipers running. They weren't doing a very good job. Every wipe would clear away most of the water, but drops of water would remain stuck to the windshield, making it hard to see.

My question is: what should I do? Is it just that I need new wipers? I have replaced them before, but it's been at least a year since I last replaced them. Should I try RainX (or something similar)? Do the wipers and windshield just need cleaning (with, say, Windex)?

If the wipers need replacing, is there anything I could do that might help them last longer? Does it help to cover them during ice & snow?

Thanks in advance for any helpful advice!

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