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Subject:  Re: Questions about purchasing a used vehicle Date:  1/30/2006  10:28 AM
Author:  eudaimon6 Number:  46621 of 73920

There were 4 things that we notice.
1. White powder on the floor carpet. The salesman said it was due to the carpet shampooing.

Then it'll vacuum right up. Ask for it to be corrected prior to your return/reinspection

2. The cigarette lighter was missing the ligheter or a cover.

Lots of times cigarette lighters that have seen heavy use get tossed. It is a tipoff that a car has been smoked in. And a lot of times people toss them because they don't want anyone smoking in their cars, or they use the outlet for a cell phone and don't want the lighter in the way. A dealerships detail dept will either keep a supply of new ones on hand, or steal one for you from one of the many other cars on the lot. We always figured as long as we had one more cigarette lighter then we always had one for the customer who wanted one.

3. The jack release mechanism was missing the handle.

Draw this to the manager's attention as a safety item and stipulate that you be given one should you buy the car. This is something that probably will have to be ordered.

4. the weather stripping was loose on one of the windows. (This may be more than just a cosmetic thing)

Draw this to the manager's attention as something that will have to be fixed properly as an ultimate conditin of sale. Is the rubber torn/worn/damaged, or just come unglued? Just shoving worn/damaged weatherstripping back in place may fix nothing. Or it may just need a little adhesive, depending on where it is and how it was originally attached.

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