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Subject:  Re: Oil Companies are doing well. Date:  1/31/2006  3:45 PM
Author:  Colovion Number:  889559 of 2381073

And they are gonna get worse. Meanwhile telling people to buy new cars or walk 30 miles to work every day is not a reasonable solution.

But that isn't the only alternative. Carpooling is one option for some. Telecommuting is an option for some. Selling one's current car and buying a more efficient model is another option. There are many, many options out there. Each has a cost associated with it, of course, and once that cost is exceeded by the regular option (driving to work in this case) then these other options become cost effective. For example, paying an early termination fee on a lease would end up being cheaper than paying to gas up a gas guzzler over the term of the lease at some price-point.

This is the market's way of forcing people to conserve, and it's brilliant. It uses your desire to get the most bang for your buck as a means to get you to do things you may not want to do for the good of all. Put it this way, are people going to conserve gasoline because they should, or because they have to? Pinning your hopes on people doing what they should do (especially if they don't want to) is a losing proposition. But if you make them choose between conserving gas and starving, they'll conserve one way or another. Sure, it's harsh, but there will still be gas at the pumps that way. If there are shortages nobody benefits.

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