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Subject:  The Omega point Date:  1/31/2006  6:09 PM
Author:  centromere Number:  7646 of 27171

This may be a bit off topic but it does deal with creation.

Frank Tipler is a very influential mathematician and physicist at Tulane University. He developed a theory (based on modern physics) that claims that intelligent life was necessary and inevitable. The universe he believes will eventually contract to a single point, called the Omega point. During this period, life will pervade and dominate the universe, accumulating knowledge. At the Omega Point, information will approach infinity, and intelligent life will have evolved to an entity with all the omni- properties associated with God. In effect, Tipler presents a theory for the evolution of God. As a sidebar, he also predicts and justifies universal resurrection. The theory is laid out in his book "The Physics of Immortality".

The theory is a tour-de-force of physics, philosophy, and theology. The physics is defended by David Deutsch, a prominent physicist from Oxford University who was one of the developers of the multi-verse model of reality. The theology is defended by Wolfhart Pannenberg, one of the most influential Christian theologians of our generation who has written much about the interface of religion and science.

I don't know enough physics or theology to critique this theory or to evaluate how credible it might be. Therefore I'm not going to defend or promote it. It's just presented for your viewing pleasure as a respite from the rigors of irreducible complexity.

Here is Tipler's web site:

Excerpt from Pannenberg critique: According to Tipler life is essentially accumulation of information. On its path towards the Omega point life has to pervade and finally dominate the entire material universe. The Omega point itself, however, will be a place of maximal accumulation of information, and therefore it will be immanent as well as transcendent with relation to each point in spacetime. Therefore, the Omega point will have the properties of personality, omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotence and eternity.

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