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Subject:  Re: The Omega point Date:  2/1/2006  9:29 AM
Author:  bdhinton Number:  7658 of 27171

IMO, the only reason that ID doesn't specify the designer is so that it can pass the non-religious test to get into public schools.

There's some truth to this I think. If ID specified God as the designer, then it would be creationism/religious.

But on the other hand, its kind of like saying, "If you just had one more X chromosome, you'd be a girl". We normally consider male and female to be significantly different, but the differences can be minimized depending on how you frame it. Likewise with ID and creationism.

The trial in Dover made a big deal out of the fact that in the Panda book "ID" was substituted for "Creation" in a simple search and replace, somehow "proving" that ID is creationism in an expensive tuxedo. But you could have just as easily substituted "Directed Panspermia", thus logically proving that Crick and Orgel were YECs.

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