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Subject:  Re: Bring On the Games Date:  2/11/2006  12:45 AM
Author:  dcarper Number:  874 of 1785

Can't wait to hear what everyone has to say about the opening ceremonies!

Only caught the last half or so. Came home when the Sun and Moon were just starting to fly around (I volunteered to work for someone who got called out of town, forgetting that I would therefore miss part of the OC). Overall, I thought it was good, but not up to the level of some previous OCs. Of course, I'm perfectly willing to accept that it is because of not seeing the whole thing, as well as watching while eating a dinner of mac & cheese and a hot dog at 11:00 on the couch. ;-)

I liked the emphasis on women, and really like the emphasis on peace (I grinned when thinking about what the fundies may have thought about Yoko Ono and "Imagine" being featured). But I thought that the race car doing doughnuts was pretty dumb, and out of place, even if it was a Ferrari.
And I guess I'm just too lacking in culture to enjoy opera, even if it is Pavarotti.


ps. Sophia Loren may be in her 70s, but she still is HOT.
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