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Subject:  Below 6k CC Debt Date:  2/16/2006  7:28 AM
Author:  ApacheMech Number:  221284 of 312293

Well, fellow Fools,
I have some pretty good news. I am almost done with my Iraq deployment! My flight kept getting pushed back and pushed back and now I am told I will leave in a little more than a week. I definitely can't wait to be back on US soil.
I found a solution to my prior problem about having to sell my house and getting rid of the second mortgage. I am wondering if it is at all possible to do it, though. I have six rent houses that are paid for in TX and I was going to try to put some kind of mortgage on them to pay this 2nd mort off. It will get me a much lower interest rate and I won't have to worry about paying it off all at once.
I have recently got my income tax return in and paid almost all of my CC debt off as well as the small loans we have acquired since I deployed. I am now down to 6k in CC debt on one card. I will get that paid off as soon as I get to where I am going. My E-fund is over 2k and it is also going to stay that way until I get settled. The move is obviously paid for through the military and they usually over pay like crazy (1.5k usually) and I usually pocket the diff to make up for gas and rent for the first couple of months. I will use it this time for CC paydown or something because I already have money for that. It really does pay for being organized!
I am going to just rent a house because I plan to go to drill sergeant school after I get promoted which will happen within 8 months of me getting settled. It also means, I am going to be stateside for two or three years. HORRAY!!!! Two deployments to Iraq have been heck on the family and I need a little R&R.
I hope my next couple of posts are going to be as full of joy and good news as this one! Next post, I will be stateside in my own house. Fare well for a little bit.
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