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Subject:  Re: Ohio setback for ID Date:  2/16/2006  10:49 AM
Author:  MainiacJoe Number:  7911 of 27171

In fact, it is ironic that naturalists have now become like the old creationists when it come to public schools. The creationists of old did everything they could to keep evolution out of schools out of fear of a new idea.
If ID is nonsense as you believe, it will ultimately fail. As always the superior idea will prevail. School is all about searching and expanding one's knowledge, not "hiding" other ideas.

ID already has failed: in the ten year since Darwin's Black Box was published, there have been numerous papers in professional journals refuting it. Behe made a prediction, that irreducible complexity existed at the biochemical level, and this prediction was tested by his peers, and found to be incorrect. When Behe says that all the papers presented at the Dover trial about the evolution by natural selection of the immune system are "not good enough" he is just pouting.

So I ask, what do you fear?

What I fear is that US science literacy will fall even farther behind relative to other countries. I fear that this will erode whatever technological and economic advantages we still retain in the post-Cold-War world. I am particualarly concerned from a national security standpoint about our status relative to China in the coming decades.

The Discovery Institute has an explicit mission to rewrite the very definition of science to reflect its own religous point of view. The only real value remaining in ID is its ability to sound scientific enough to the general public (as opposed to professional scientists) to act as a Trojan Horse for this endeavor. If they are successful I don't see how any good could come from it, it would be the repudiation of the very dispassionate scientific method that our country's greatness is built upon.

I say all this as a committed Christian. Conversion should not be attempted through diversion. IMO the dishonesty and subterfuge of the ID movement's goals would cheapen if not desecrate whatever superficially spiritual results might come from it, quite aside from it being a lousy concept and goal from a secular viewpoint.

- Joe
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