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Subject:  Re: Ohio setback for ID Date:  2/16/2006  11:39 AM
Author:  MainiacJoe Number:  7915 of 27171

Cause and effect, Joe. What is the connection between critically examining darwinism and our national security?

While I am admittedly invoking a slippery slope, "critically examining darwinism" is an ID smoke-and-mirrors buzzword that I really dislike.

I think we can agree that darwinism enjoys a reputation as a theory among the professional scientific community similar to general relativity even if we disagree that it merits it. Just this week I read about a proposed modification to it that might remove the need to invoke exotic dark matter to explain galaxy and galaxy cluster lensing and rotation rates. (I didn't save the link because it had too few details, it was just a press release.) The difference between this kind of critical examination of GR and the "critical examination" of darwinism that you are suggesting is that this puts forth testable predictions that might better explain the mechanisms behind natural phenomena, while ID is merely a negative response to darwinism and doesn't replace it with a more useful explanation for biodiversity. These Chinese guys are indeed critically examining GR, but ID is only criticizing darwinism and not at all constructively.

- Joe
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