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Subject:  Re: Spreading America's Reputation Date:  2/19/2006  9:50 AM
Author:  bigpix Number:  994 of 1799

Hedrick - From Erik Heiden golden boy to one trick pony,

Last night's event is known to be his weakest. More to come this week.
As for his attitude last night. Who knows? But, something doesn't look right.

Davis That interview post win was cold. He did say he was at a loss for words.

OhnoI give him nothing but credit. He said what needed to be said about the Koreans. He said they team up on him. As for his basking, he did make the podium and he deserves that credit. He went back to the Olympic Training Center to focus after sensing he was losing his way with all of the commercial offers. A stand up guy who does not deserve the criticism you are heaping on him.

Miller He goes all out, balls to the wall. It's the media who has made him bigger than life not the other way around. As the reining World Champ we naturally expect more from him. If you've never stood on top of a mountain getting ready to do what he does for your enjoyment. You don't know what you're talking about.

Jacobellis Show Boat plain and simple. Did more to spread the reputation of American arrogance than any other at the Games.

CheekShould have been on the top of your list.

As for the overall. I enjoy seeing the top of the best out there. I like to see the others too as they improve on their sport and abilities. For the most part these people devote so much of their lives and then get out there on the world stage for all of us to see, criticise and sometimes praise.

Remember that after the Games they go onto continue World Cup pursuits which to them is usually much more important. yes, they love the spirit of the games and being on the World Stage for a moment in time but the season marches on for them and we forget all about them.


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