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Subject:  Re: On SeattlePioneer Date:  2/21/2006  7:40 PM
Author:  TeraGram Number:  1092 of 40243

I am not "toots."

Hey, if you can imply that I'm a homophobe, then I can call you "toots".

No, you didn't say it explicitly, but the subsequent "Brokeback Furnace" reference, and having seen SP being accused of being gay in various forms on the boards.

Excuse me? Did I make that reference? No. I did not. Please double check your assumptions at the door.

Please also point to where I have ever made any reference to SP's sexuality anywhere on this board. I do not like your broad brush. Keep it away from me.

Maybe you'd actually like to mention it, then? Feel free to: it would have saved me lots of aggravation of reading yet another Brokeback reference that was your follow-up.

No. I will not. Had I wanted to specifically state was I was thinking, I WOULD HAVE DONE SO THE FIRST TIME.

Then again, you might be yet another mindlessly glib type on LGBT issues. I'm sure that's the case.

Oh. I see. I can not state that my mind is running in a direction, but YOU may decide what MY attitude is on LGBT issues. Interesting.

Nice double standard you've got there. Very interesting.

Let me tell you something, toots, ... actually, nevermind. You don't deserve to know.

Go pound sand.

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