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Subject:  Re: On SeattlePioneer Date:  2/22/2006  8:22 AM
Author:  cattleman22 Number:  1104 of 40245

{{His way of thinking and teaching is to deny that people behave or do things because it is not within their conscious control, or choice: he denies even that sometimes people must deal with consequences they do not like, nor chose. He refuses to delve in areas in which he fears being at a disadvantage (such as relationships), so he adheres rigidly to fields of interest and expertise in which he excels. He lives in a perfect world: he sees what he sees, understands all that he sees. If there's something he doesn't understand, simply he does not see it: it simply does not exist and therefore he doesn't see it. He admits to no weakness, fallibility, or ignorance in any area as he understands everything within his purview.}}

This does not seem to fit SP at all. He certainly does nto adhere rigidly to fields in which he excels. He has posted many times about how he has experimented and failed in that experiment and how he has learned from those failures to refine the process and make it better. If your characterization of SP was accurate, he either would not have experimented or he would have quit after the first experiment failed. You talk about SP not admitting ignorance. It seems like you need to admit that you are pretty ignorant about SP and yet you still feel the need to make baseless accusations against him.

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