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Subject:  Re: On SeattlePioneer Date:  2/25/2006  9:26 PM
Author:  dianakalt Number:  1234 of 40243

If I had to reduce it to one sentence, it would be this:SP has lived his whole life not doing things if he wasn't prepared for the possible consequences.

In other words, SP only chooses the struggles and battles that he's prepared to win, not lose.

These are SOOOOO not the same thing.

Avoiding actions that can cause consequences you know you can't deal with is extremely responsible. Virtually everyone tries to do this, although we might have different ideas about what consequences aren't acceptable for us personally.

The characterization that SP only chooses struggles he is prepared to win based on his vigilance at avoiding unacceptable consequences is not fair. There is a vast difference between the only acceptable outcome being winning and being able to accept consequences.

Case in point: I currently work as a process architect for my company, with a specific focus on figuring out how to integrate various processes into our CRM system. I have many contacts within various CRM implementation consulting firms. However, I know from past experience and the experience of friends that while consulting jobs in my field can be downright lucrative, there is also a significant risk of being laid off due to lack of projects. Therefore, I choose not to pursue these consulting roles at this time becuase I cannot accept the risk of being out of work, especially when compared to my current stable employment situation. This is RESPONSIBLE for me financially, and also from a career perspective at this time. However, I am most assuredly not one to back away from challenging projects and roles as a general practice. I am just getting that challenge within a more stable employment situation.


PS. I love impolite. :o)

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