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Subject:  Re: On SeattlePioneer Date:  2/27/2006  9:23 AM
Author:  PineFresh Number:  1253 of 40282

{{ I don't know about the kids but I do know it will be a cold day in hell before I'd ever let him anywhere near a girl child.}}
And what the hell is that supposed to mean. How dare you accuse SP of being a potential abuser to a girl. I can not understand how you think it is acceptable to make up all of these false accusations agaisnt SP simply because you disagree with his opinion on marriage. It is absolutely dispicable.

The statement you're criticizing neither accuses SP of sexual abuse, nor supports an inference of that meaning. As you point out, it is his views on marriage (and women) that were being discussed. I have no reason on earth to suspect SP of any inappropriate contact with children. However, I would not want a young girl child to spend time with a man who harbored such resentment and suspicion towards females.
I believe the OP was not suggesting that a girl's body needed protection from SP, but rather that her self-esteem and emotional stability would be at risk. No "false accusation" was made, just a reasonable comment that it would be uncomfortable for a girl to hang around a man who was mad at women.
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