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Subject:  Re: Soldiers Speak: Will Bush Listen? Date:  2/28/2006  2:31 PM
Author:  bufftrainer Number:  903864 of 2365770

<So, this puts to bed the lie that the media is misconstruing what is going on over there...that things are really brighter than they appear.

When the troops on the ground say things suck, then it is time to listen.>

Leaders who dodged service in 'Nam haven't seen this before. Some of us have. Another war the leaders refuse to win, and the troops respond the same way.

I wanted Saddam removed, but competently. I had hoped someone in power knew how to fight a war, or at least knew that the military knows better than they. Not so. I had hoped that rather than leaving our men to be killed with no end in sight, we'd use what we needed to win and get the hell out. Not so. I had hoped that rather than subjecting the Iraqis to the hell of endless war, or abandoning them to the hell of violent anarchy, we'd remove the human obstacles to a decent life and get the hell out. Not so.

The draft-dodgers cannot admit they know nothing of war and correct course. They will bleed all until they're stopped. We should have removed Saddam with sufficient force to prevent what has happened; we should have left long ago; we should have left behind a political landscape the Iraqis might have forged into a legitimate government of their own choosing. The Bushies never tried and they won't. Crying for what might have been but cannot be:

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